Old Chapman Farm (Bucksport)

Old Chapman Farm is a 65 acre preserve owned and managed by the Great Pond Mountain Conservation Trust.  I hiked the preserve's wooded trail today.

The Trust's website lists three options for parking.  I chose the conservative option, parking 1.1 mile from the preserve and walking along Upper Long Pond Road.  If I visit again, I would park 0.4 miles further up the road.  Walking on the road was fine and I didn't encounter any people or drivers.  

When I reached the preserve, I was dismayed to find the trailhead greatly overgrown.  I considered turning around, but having already applied permethrin to my clothes, I tucked my pants into my socks and ventured into the knee-high grass.  

The tall grass lasted less than 1/10 of a mile at which point the trail entered woods.  The trail was well-marked and relatively easy to follow as it led through the woods.  At one point I spotted deer in the distance, and I came across recent bear tracks and scat.  

This was a nice hike overall and remarkably I didn't find any ticks on me afterward.  Here is a map of the hike.  


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