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Backpacking Baxter State Park's Martin Ponds

I went backpacking in Baxter State Park last night after work, returning this morning before the start of my workday.  The Martin Pond lean-to is excellent for this purpose, as its relatively close to the park's southern entrance and only a 2.4 mile hike to the lean-to.   The hike is relatively easy, although multiple bog bridges make the hike slightly more challenging when carrying a heavy pack, as the wood can become slick when its humid or raining.   When I arrived at Martin Pond I heard a noise in the pond and found a mostly submerged moose feeding.  I watched the moose for around 15 minutes, and it did not seem at all disturbed by my presence.  I left before the moose as I needed to set up camp.  A video of moose is below.   The lean-to is spacious and well-maintained.  It rained during the night and there were no leaks.   Here is a map of my hike.  

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