Great Pond Mountain Wildlands (Orland)

I hiked after work today in the Great Pond Mountain Wildlands, exploring the west side of the preserve between Great Pond Mountain and Dead River.  

My initial thought was to hike the Dead River Trail out and back; however, 2.3 miles into the hike, I decided to cut across the Connector and Capstone Trails and descend on the Hay Ledges Trail.  

The Dead River Trail is an undulating, well-maintained two lane dirt road past forests and fields, offering occasional views of the Dead River.  I spotted a deer shortly after starting the hike.  

The Connector and Capstone Trails were traditional hiking trails leading through the woods.  I stumbled upon a herd of deer and was snorted at by a large buck.  

The Hay Ledges Trail featured interesting rock formations and an overlook offering clear views of the Dead River and surrounding landscapes.  

This was an excellent 4 mile hike which greatly exceeded my expectations.  Here is a map of the hike.  I did not encounter any other people during the hike.  


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