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Snowshoeing Ecotat (Hermon)

Snowshoeing Baxter State Park, Foss and Knowlton Trail (Abol to Foss and Knowlton Pond)

Reynolds Forest (Sidney)

Reeds Brook Trails & ITS 82 (Hampden)

Richardson Tract (Orrington)

Lake George Regional Park (Canaan)

Snowshoeing Lily Bay State Park

Snowshoeing at Sunrise, Bangor Municipal Golf Course

HRS Meadow Farm Wildlife Sanctuary (Stockton Springs)

Snowshoeing Hermon/Bangor Snowmobile Trails

Acadia Mountain (Acadia National Park)

West Side Park and Glenburn Snowmobile Trails (Glenburn)

Quick morning hike at Ecotat (Hermon)

Trenton Community Trail (Trenton)

LL Bean Parcel (Hampden)