Saturday, April 30, 2022

Birch Mountain Ledge Trail (Peaks Kenny State Park)

One day I should actually come to this park when it's open. That was the thought running through my head as I walked the 1.75 miles from the closed front gate to the trailhead of the Birch Mountain Ledge Trail.  That said, I really enjoy this park when I have it all to myself, as was the case today.  

The initial walk along the park and campground roads is scenic, with pine trees lining both sides of the road. The Birch Mountain Ledge Trail itself is a moderate forested hike that climbs a short bit and then runs along a ridge line before descending down to Sebec Lake.  There are no sweeping views from the trail but it's a pleasant hike.  A short trail connects from the lake to the campground road but I elected instead to explore the campground itself.

Here is a map of my seven mile hike.  

Sunday, April 24, 2022

Bald Bluff Trail, Amherst Community Forest (Amherst)

A friend and I went hiking this morning on the Bald Bluff Trail in the Amherst Community Forest.   The 2.2 mile trail is a good workout and provides great views of the rest of the Amherst Community Forest and surrounding area.   

Here is a map of our hike.

Caribou Loop Trail, Donnell Ponds Public Reserved Land

The Caribou Loop Trail is a 6.1 mile trail that runs  across Caribou Mountain, the west and east peaks of Black Mountain, and then back over Caribou Mountain.  The loop can be accessed from the north via the one mile Caribou Mountain Trail, for a combined hike of 8.1 miles with around 2,500 feet of total elevation change.

I did this hike solo yesterday and loved it.  This is an incredible hike with numerous open views, lush moss-filled coniferous forests, hardwood forests, and streams and ponds.   I would rate it as moderate to strenuous due to the trail being steep at parts, the multiple ascents and descents, and three stream crossings (between the east peak of Black Mountain and Caribou Mountain.). Hiking poles came in handy for some of the descents and the stream crossings.  

Here is a map of my hike.

Sunday, April 17, 2022

Beachcroft Path (Acadia National Park)

One of the oldest hiking trails in Acadia, the Beachcroft Path is a memorial path constructed in 1915 in memory of Charles Morton Smith.  The trail features stone steps up numerous switchbacks to dramatic views from Huguenot Head and Champlain Mountain.  

My son and I hiked to Huguenot Head and the base of Champlain Mountain before turning back to avoid aggravating an injury he's recovering from.   Even without summiting Champlain it was a great 2 mile hike.  

Saturday, April 16, 2022

Perch Pond Trails (Old Town)

The University of Maine owns 841 acres of forested land adjacent to Perch Pond in Old Town, with several miles of trails available for hiking, mountain biking, cross country skiing and snowshoeing.  I did a quick 3 mile hike this morning before the rain started.  Here is a map of my hike.  

For some reason there are gnomes placed throughout the property, which gives it a whimsical feel and would make it a fun place to bring small children.  

Saturday, April 9, 2022

UMaine Trails (Orono)

My son and I hiked the UMaine Trails today.   Despite forecasts calling for rain, the weather held out and we did a nice two mile walk.  

Saturday, April 2, 2022

Vaughn Woods State Park (South Berwick)

Vaughn Woods State Park is a 165 acre state park featuring 3 miles of hiking trails that run through strands of old growth pine and hemlock.   

I hiked the River Run and Bridal Path trails today for a two mile loop.  Here is a map of my hike.