Monday, October 14, 2019

Spring Point Ledge Lighthouse

My son and I visited Spring Point Lighthouse this morning while in South Portland.  It is a short 0.6 mile round trip from the parking lot to the tip of the lighthouse jetty (here is a map).  The park, located on the grounds of Southern Maine Community College, has great views of Casco Bay and its islands and also provides access to the batteries and other fortifications of Fort Preble. 

The jetty out to Spring Point Lighthouse.
View of Fort Gorges in Casco Bay
Fort Preble

The lighthouse, which was closed today, is open for tours during the annual lighthouse day event.

When my kids were little, the jetty used to terrify me with the prospect of them falling between the large rocks.  Fortunately that never happened.  Today's trip was much less terrifying.

Sunday, October 13, 2019

Hedgehog and Bradbury Mountains (Freeport and Pownal)

My son and I visited Hedgehog and Bradbury Mountains today, and camped overnight at Bradbury Mountain State Park. 

Hedgehog Mountain is managed by the Town of Freeport.   There are around five miles of trails in the park including a short trail to the summit.   This is more of a hill than a mountain (the town brochure puts the word mountain in quotes and almost apologetically states that it's the highest point in Freeport).  

View from the summit of Hedgehog

When we lived in the Portland area, we frequently hiked at Bradbury Mountain State Park, and were happy to return to the park today.  There are several trails throughout the park including several open to mountain bikes.  The mountain itself has an open summit with great views of the surrounding countryside.  

View from Bradbury Mountain

The park is open to camping year round.  The park has showers and a small kitchen area with a microwave oven and sink for washing dishes.   

Kitchen area at Bradbury's campground
Here is a map of both of our hikes.

Sunday, October 6, 2019

Mount Waldo (Frankfort) revisited

A week ago when I first visited Mt. Waldo, it's summit was covered in fog.  We returned today and were treated to excellent views of the surrounding countryside. Here is a map of our hike.

Evidently there is another way up the mountain since this truck was at the summit working on the cell tower.

Saturday, October 5, 2019

Camden Hills State Park (ski shelter trail/slope trail/Mt Megunticook

My son and I hiked at Camden Hills State Park today, taking advantage of the beautiful fall weather.  We started out on the ski shelter trail, which is essentially a dirt road with some elevation gain.  We hiked two miles to the ski shelter where we stopped and enjoyed our lunch.  We then headed up the slope trail to the forested summit of Mt Megunticook.  On the way down we stopped at the Ocean Lookout and enjoyed incredible views of the surrounding area including Camden, Ragged Mountain and Penobscot Bay.    

Here is a map of our hike.   

View from Ocean Lookout
Ocean Lookout

Oddly, it wasn't this crowded when we were up here in March.
Trail across the summit of Mt. Megunticook
The wooded summit of Mt. Megunticook
The ski shelter is available for rent.

Ski shelter trail.

Fall colors.