Mt Pleasant Cemetery (Bangor)

During a recent walk along the Kenduskeag Stream Trail I noticed what appeared to be a river side trail on the opposite shoreline, behind Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.  Today after work I decided to check and see if my assumption was correct.   

What struck my attention upon entering the cemetery was the height of the grass.  In many parts the grass had not been mowed and the back end of the cemetery had a feeling of neglect.   Given the tick season we've had thus far, I was concerned the tall grass would prevent me from reaching the area, but I was able to find a spot where the grass had been mowed and followed it to a wide and clear dirt service road overlooking the river.   

The road itself was heavily shaded and had elevated views of the Kenduskeag Stream.  The stream bank was lined with ferns and there were no clear paths down from the road to the stream, but it was a pleasant walk nonetheless.  Despite being heavily wooded and warm there were few bugs.

Here is a map of my walk.  I doubled back along the road to see if I could locate a trail down to the stream bank.


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