Hidden Valley Nature Center and Little Dyer Pond (Jefferson)

I visited Hidden Valley Nature Center (HVNC) today to meet with a representative of the MidCoast Conservancy in preparation for an upcoming scouting event.  While there I hiked down to the Pond Cabin and canoe launch area.  

HVNC consists of over 1,000 acres of wooded land owned and managed by the Midcoast Conservancy.  The property has miles of hiking trails, rustic overnight cabins and campsites, and canoes for use on Little Dyer Pond.

Here is a map of my hike.  For more information about HVNC, you can visit its website.

The property has a number of small ponds.

View of Little Dyer Pond from the shore near Pond Cabin.

Pond Cabin.

The Center has trails ranging from wide and well-maintained to narrow and overgrown.


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