McPhetres Farm Forest and Davis Forest (Veazie)

The Town of Veazie and Orono Land Trust work together to manage three contiguous properties in Veazie off of Route 2.  Combined, the McPhetres Forest, Davis Forest and Manterwood properties are approximately 33 acres and contain a variety of tree species, including white oaks and century old white pines.  

I visited the preserve today while my son was volunteering nearby.  I had intended on visiting all three preserves; however, despite having brought a map and having maps located throughout the preserve, I made a wrong turn and wound up only doing McPhetres and Davis Forests.  

I only encountered one other person during my hike, despite it being a beautiful Sunday afternoon.  The preserve is small and wedged between residential areas, but the immense trees give it a remote feeling.  Some of the trails were well maintained while others had vegetation encroaching on them. 

A trail map of the preserve is available on the Orono Land Trust website.  Here is a map of my hike today.  The trail leaves the forest briefly when it reaches Davis Drive and re-enters a short while later. 

The entrance road for the preserve is immediately adjacent to Fairview Cemetery.  There is no sign when you reach the parking for the preserve.  The entrance is to the left of the white fence down a short grass path.  

Some of the trails were overgrown.

Signs like these are located throughout the forest, which in theory should make navigation fairly easy.