Mount Waldo (Frankfort)

This morning I hiked up Mount Waldo in Frankfort.  The trail starts at the end of Mount Waldo road (roadside parking is available and encouraged with signage) and starts up a wide and very steep gated service road.  After a short period of time, the trail levels off with a more moderate ascent and slightly more rocky terrain.

The trail leads to a quarry, which while beautiful was marred by graffiti.

I wasn't really clear where to go once I reached the quarry so initially set off to the left.  This wound up being much more challenging than I had anticipated so I doubled back and went to the right of the quarry, where I found a well worn trail leading around the perimeter.  At the far end of the quarry, this trail intercepted an orange blazed trail.  I continued left up this trail to the summit.    

Other than the area around the quarry and a few spots on the orange trail, it was relatively easy to navigate the area. 

On the way to the summit there is a nice ledge affording views of the surrounding area.  The summit itself is bald with two cell towers and would likely have great views (it was fogged in this morning).

Overall this was a great hike and I'm happy to have found it as it's close to home. 

Here is a map of the 4.4 mile hike.

View from a ledge shortly before the summit.
The summit was fogged in, but mountains could be seen occasionally peaking through.

View from the trail on the way down, once the fog burned off.
View of the surrounding area from the quarry area.

View of the quarry.
Unfortunately, the quarry was covered in graffiti.
I did find this one bit of graffiti to contain sage advice.


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