Utah Trip Part 4 - Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge and Golden Spike National Historical Park

Monday was the last day of my Utah Trip, and I spent the day with my brother and sister-in-law. Our first stop was the USFWS Bear River Migratory Bird Refuge. We drove the 12 mile auto tour, stopping along the way to view the wide variety of birds. The air was often filled with large amounts of non biting brine flies, which attracted birds. There were also waterfowl, wading birds and pelicans, making this an excellent birdwatching location.

After a few hours at the refuge we headed to the Golden Spike National Historical Park.  The park commemorates the completion of the first Transcontinental Railroad where the Central Pacific Railroad and the first Union Pacific Railroad met in May 1869.  The joining of the rails was celebrated at the time by driving a ceremonial Golden Spike.  The park has an interesting visitor center, replica railroad engines, auto tours and hikes tracing the track's path, and a short driving tour to visit the Chinese Arch, a geological feature created millions of years ago.  The west auto route was closed due to road conditions but we were able to visit the rest of the park.