Kayaking Lower Etna Pond (Etna)

Temperatures reached the 90s today so I went for the first kayaking trip of the year, paddling Souadabscook Stream to the lower portion of Etna Pond.   The first part was great.  Although I battled a strong headwind it kept the air cool and I figured I could take advantage of the wind on the return trip.   I saw several dragonflies and thought it was odd since there were hardly any bugs for them to eat....

After exploring the shoreline of the pond and venturing up a side stream, it was time to head back.  It was then that the wind died and I was besieged with gnats.  On the plus side the gnats turned the trip into an excellent cardio workout .  

Prior to the gnat assault there were some positive moments - dozens of songbirds filled the marsh along the stream and I heard a pair of barred owls calling to each other in the woods near the pond.  The total distance kayaked was 2.8 miles. 


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