A. Murray Young Path (Acadia National Park)

I set out today hoping to hike the Dorr Ladder Trail in Acadia but instead discovered the A. Murray Young Path (Murray Young), a beautiful trail running between Dorr and Cadillac Mountains.

I started hiking the first 1/3 mile of the Ladder Trail.  The hike features three sets of ladders - steel rungs attached to rock - and is considered an advanced non-technical climb in the Falcon Guide "Hiking Acadia National Park."  On a good day this hike would be challenging for me, given that I have a fear of heights.  Today several sections of the trail had water flowing over them, presumably from the rain last night, and by the time I reached the first ladder my feet were soaked.  I had concerns climbing with wet feet so turned around.  

Near the start of the trail I took the Kane Path to Murray Young.  I had seen Murray Young on maps of Acadia but had no idea how beautiful the trail was.  It runs adjacent to and frequently crosses Otter Creek as the creek descends over waterfalls and rapids.  I took the trail approximately one mile until reaching a large waterfall at which point I turned around.   

The total hike (including 1/2 mile for the Ladder Trail) was 4.8 miles.   Despite being at Acadia, 76° and sunny, I saw only 12 other people during my hike.   


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