West Side Park and Glenburn Snowmobile Trails (Glenburn)

I was looking for a local hike to do at sunrise this morning and found a great trail system in Glenburn.  The Town's website mentions simply that there are trails and includes an aerial photo of West Side Park without delineating the trails (although they are somewhat visible in the photo).  

Starting at the Park's parking lot off Ohio drive, the park itself has a small looping trail system with wide trails.  The trails connect to a linear snowmobile trail running east to west parallel to Ohio Drive. The snowmobile trail is mostly flat and in good condition.  I hiked west until I saw a house, then hiked east until I came to a flooded section (due to yesterday's rains and snow melt).   Had I continued west, the trail would have linked with a longer snowmobile trail system. 

Overall this was a nice 3 mile hike through woods.  Here is a map of my hike.   


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