HRS Meadow Farm Wildlife Sanctuary (Stockton Springs)

While researching the Sandy Point WMA in Stockton Springs I noticed an adjacent property called HRS Meadow Farm Wildlife Sanctuary.   There was little information on the Internet regarding the property other than its Facebook page.

The road leading into the preserve was not plowed so I snowshoed up to what I think may be the visitor center.   There was a sign reading Trails but no indication where the trails were.  

I trekked counterclockwise around the perimeter of the property as there appeared to be a trail leading across the field.  I explored a number of what appeared to be trails, none of which led anywhere.   Finally, on the way back and after snowshoeing 1.5 miles already I came across a trail leading into the woods over a small bridge.   I followed the trail around 4/10 of a mile until it appeared to abruptly end (afterwards I noticed it would have connected to one of the trails I had explored earlier).  It was a pretty trail nonetheless, leading through a pine forest.

Overall I hiked 2.4 miles and am glad that I explored this preserve.