Sand Beach and Crockett Cove Woods (Stonington) and Naskeag Point (Brooklin)

My older son and I explored the Deer Isle, Stonington and Blue Hill peninsula area this weekend.  We visited many of the same areas that I had visited two weeks ago with my younger son (see, did some non-hiking sightseeing and photography, and camped at the excellent Reach Knolls campground in Brooklin.

We visited three new areas during this trip: Sand Beach and Crockett Cove Woods in Stonington and Naskeag Point in Brooklin.  It rained part of our trip and was foggy the remainder of the time, but we still had an incredible trip. 

Sand Beach

Confession: We visited Sand Beach not because we wanted to see it, but because we were interested in Weir Island, a small state owned island that allows camping and is located a stones throw away from Sand Beach.

Sand Beach is an unexpectedly beautiful spot in Stonington which contains not only a sand beach, but also a small wooded trail system and beautiful rock outcroppings overlooking the ocean.

Here is a map of our hike.

Weir Island is immediately offshore
I wasn't expecting much, so didn't bring everything I needed from the car initially.  Hence the multiple tracks.

Crockett Cove Woods

Crockett Cove Woods is a beautiful forested preserve owned by the Nature Conservancy (see  There are approximately 1.5 miles of trails running through the preserve, but as it was raining we decided to explore only the 1/4 mile Emily Muir Nature Trail.  Here is a map of our hike. 


Naskeag Point

Naskeag Point is a small park in Brooklin, Maine that features a sand boat ramp and a beach.  There are four islands located nearby that allow camping.  

Hog Island, Little Hog Island, Sellers Island and a fourth island (not pictured) allow camping.  The red line indicates the path I took today on the tidal exposed shoreline.



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