Downeast Camping Trip, Part 2 (Cobscook Bay Area - Cobscook Bay SP, Klondike Mountain, Reversing Falls Preserve, Matthew's Island Preserve)

My older son and I went on a three night camping trip in Washington County this past weekend, visiting a large number of parks, preserves and other points of interest.  This post will cover the section of our trip around Cobscook Bay.

Here is a map of the four preserves that we visited.

Cobscook Bay State Park

We camped all three nights at Cobscook Bay State Park.  The beautiful thing about the park is that due to its unique coastline, it offers a large number of waterfront campsites.  Although primarily a camping park, there are a few trails within the park.  We explored the short (4/10 mile round-trip) but rewarding overlook trail, which leads to the summit of 150' tall Cunningham Mountain.  

View from our campsite
View from summit of Cunningham Mountain.

Klondike Mountain

Located in Lubec, Klondike Mountain is the tallest point on the Lubec peninsula and provides excellent views of the surrounding area.  A short 0.4 mile trail leads to the summit.  The trail is relatively easy except for a very short section near the summit. The preserve is managed by the Downeast Coastal Conservancy; for more information visit its website.


Reversing Falls Preserve

Reversing Falls Preserve is a Downeast Coast Conservancy preserve that features reversing falls, caused by 24 foot tides that run over a huge underwater ledge between the preserve and Falls Island.  The round-trip 1.2 mile forested trail led us to a peninsula with a rocky prominence that provided views of the falls.  For more information visit


Matthew's Island Preserve

Matthew's Island Preserve is a 14 acre preserve accessible during low tide.  We walked 1.4 miles round-trip from the parking lot to the far end of the island and back.  The trail was overgrown with grass in several parts.  We did not have any ticks on us but did find a large number of red ants after our hike.  For more information on the preserve visit


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