Katahdin Woods and Waters (Matagamon Gate)

I did a solo 10+ mile hike today at the north end of Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument.  I hiked from the Matagamon Gate to Haskell Hut and back.

It was cold (7 degrees when I started, 25 when I finished), which may have explained why I didn't see anyone else the entire time I was at the park.   The snow on the trail was around 3 inches deep, too low for snowshoes but enough to make the hike a challenge.

The hike provided great views of the mountains within Baxter State Park and traversed a scenic forested area.  Based on the tracks that I saw, there is abundant wildlife including moose, coyote, lynx and other mammals and birds.

Haskell Hut is not yet open for the winter season, but the view from outside of it was beautiful. 

Here is a map of my hike.

View from outside Haskell Hut

Haskell Hut


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