Hirundo Wildlife Refuge (Old Town)

A friend of mine recommended visiting Hirundo Wildlife Refuge and I'm glad I did.  The refuge consists of forests and fields adjacent to Pushaw Stream and has an extensive trail system.  Many of the trails have interpretive signs along them, educating visitors on a wide range of nature related topics.   There are a number of bird houses throughout the refuge and several benches to sit and enjoy the sights and sounds.

I saw no other people during my hike, possibly due to it being early on a 25 degree Sunday morning.  The refuge had a silent, remote feel to it broken only by the sound of running streams and an occasional bird.  

The trails varied from gravel to grass to wooded and were mostly flat.  There were abundant trail markers and signage throughout.  Some of the trails were muddy and icy so boots are definitely recommended.  I hiked on the north trails; there are additional trails on the south side of the refuge.  

Here is a map of my hike.  For additional information about the refuge, you can visit it's website here.   

There were a number of interpretive signs, including some with sample objects.