MOFGA BSA Camporee in Unity

The Maine Organic Farmers and Gardeners Association and the Waldo District BSA hosted a camporee at the MOFGA fairgrounds in Unity this weekend.  A camporee is like a jamboree, but with camping and no jamming. 

The event provided an opportunity for the scouts to work on five different merit badges (animal life, plant life, gardening, metal working and farm machinery) with MOFGA staff providing excellent instruction in each.  We completed a service project as well, helping to build wooden beam fences.

Our troop had five boys (including my younger son) and three adult leaders.  We lucked out with great weather Saturday and Sunday. 

Considering the heavy rains all day Friday, the grounds were fairly dry.

For our service project, the scouts built this wooden fence..

Hands-on animal science, listening to a cow's heart and stomach.

The gardening merit badge was very popular, thanks mainly to a very engaging MOFGA staff member.

The great thing about being an adult on a scouting trip is that there is plenty of downtime.  Sure, I could have (should have) been applying sunscreen, but instead why not take some pictures of clouds...

and cool looking bugs...

and interesting Stonehenge like pillars.


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