Inland Hospital Trail

Northern Light Inland Hospital is a small, well-managed community hospital in Waterville, Maine.  As part of its commitment to its community, the hospital has established a short yet scenic trail in the 17 acres of woods behind its main campus.  The trail connects to a larger trail system owned by the city.

My son and I were visiting Waterville yesterday and decided to explore the Inland Hospital Trail.  Signs throughout the hospital campus provide clear directions to the trailhead.   The trailhead has an informational kiosk and plenty of parking.  The trail itself was well maintained and included a number of signs encouraging activity as part of the "5-2-1-0" program.

We only had limited time and intended to stick to just the Inland portion of the trail system and hiked only around 1/4 mile (here is our trail map).  After the fact I checked a map of the trail on Maine Trail Finder (see and noted that the trail is actually 1 mile in length.

The trails are well-maintained.
The trailhead is directly behind the hospital, with plenty of parking. 


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