Kennebec River Rail Trail

The Kennebec River Rail Trail (KRRT) is a 6.5 mile paved rail trail running from Augusta to Gardiner and passing through the towns of Hallowell and Farmingdale.  The trail runs alongside railroad tracks and the Kennebec River and provides a great place to run, walk and cycle. 

My son's marathon training program called for a 20 mile run today, so we chose the KRRT for this and I rode support on a bike.  There were a decent amount of people out using the trail considering it was a cloudy, lightly raining Sunday morning. 

The trail offers views of the river and there are multiple access points along its path.  We started at the parking area for Maine State Housing Authority under the Route 202 bridge.  There is a section where the trail stops and you travel along Water Street in downtown Hallowell, and then it resumes after the downtown area. 

There are multiple places to stop and eat along the way, and Granite City Park in Hallowell has nice chairs to relax and watch the river.  

Here is a link to the trail map for just the Kennebec River Rail Trail.  Here is a link for the full 20 miles that we did, which includes the Augusta waterfront and doubling back on the rail trail.
The trail runs along the Kennebec River and adjacent to railroad tracks.
There are occasional benches overlooking the river.
Two very small waterfalls are visible from the trail.

The trail runs through downtown Hallowell.
Chairs overlooking the river at Granite City Park in Hallowell, next to the trail.


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