Fort Knox and Penobscot Narrows Bridge

Fort Knox State Historic Site and Penobscot Narrows Bridge Observatory are both closed during the winter season; however, the grounds are open to explore. Information on the history of the fort and the park can be found on Wikipedia.   

My younger son and I hiked around the outer perimeter of the park and into one of the tunnels, and then headed over to the base of the bridge.  In addition to views of the fort and bridge, the park provides views of Bucksport and the Penobscot River.  Last May we spent time here watching seals feeding in the river a few yards off shore, although we didn't see any today.

Our total distance today was 1.7 miles.  The hike around the perimeter of the fort is on grass (and mud) and there is a paved road down to the bridge.  Here is the trail map.

The park offers nice views of Bucksport, the river, and distant mountains.

Its possible to get close to the river, but the area has strong currents.

Although the fort itself is closed, the batteries and tunnels remain open.  A flashlight is strongly advised.

My son exploring one of the many cannons in the park.

View of the Penobscot River from the road leading to the base of the bridge.

Penobscot Narrows Bridge.
Road to the base of the bridge.
Elevation profile of our hike.

View of the bridge and fort from across the river.

After the trip, we went to Bucksport and enjoyed the view of the fort and bridge.


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