Biking and Hiking on the Down East Sunrise Trail in Ellsworth

The Down East Sunrise Trail runs 87 miles from Ellsworth north to Pembroke. It is a multi-use trail, and during the summer it gets heavy use from ATVs.   It runs through several towns on its way north and provides a nice environment to hike and bike. 

My son is training for a marathon so we chose this trail for him to run on today.  For longer runs I like to support him on bike.  Because of the heavy rains yesterday the trail was muddy in parts.  This would be a good trail for a fat tire bike, however I only have a hybrid.   Due to muddy and soft conditions, I wound up hiking 50% of the time.  It was still a great day to be out on the trail since the only people that we saw were ROTC students marching in a group. 

The trail was flooded 5.25 miles north of Ellsworth so in order to get enough training miles we looped back and repeated a portion of trail.   There was a small section of trail that still had ice on it, and the trail had almost completely washed out in another area.

Here is today's trail map.

The trail crosses several streams

View of the trail from the side
Mile 14 of a 17 mile run
5.25 miles north of Ellsworth, the trail was flooded over

The trail is crushed stone and dirt


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