Camden Hills State Park - Mt. Megunticook and Mt Battie

Camden Hills State Park is located just north of Camden on the coast and offers 5,700 acres of forested land, miles of trails, and several mountain tops offering spectacular views of the surrounding area.

I last visited here in mid-February with my younger son.  At that time, we used snowshoes to hike up the iced over Mt. Battie Road in 34 degree temperatures.

Today I returned with my older son to enjoy temperatures in the mid-60's.  We hiked close to the summit of Mt. Megunticook and then over to Mt. Battie.  The trails were muddy from snow melt (it had snowed six days ago) and icy in parts.  At the top of Mt. Megunticook we encountered snow and ice on the trails to the summit as well as the trail to the ski lodge (which we had hoped to check out, but will wait for another day).

Overall the hike was a moderately strenuous 4.7 mile trip with a total climb of 1,497 feet.  Since it was a beautiful weekend day, the park was moderately crowded around Mount Battie but less so on Mt. Megunticook.

Here is the trail map.

View from Mount Megunticook.
Trail leading to Mount Megunticook.

Standing on top of Mount Megunticook.

Mount Megunticook Trail.

View from Mount Megunticook.  Camden Ski Bowl is to the left.

Trail up Mount Megunticook.

There was still significant snow and ice on top of Mt. Megunticook.

Trail from Mount Megunticook to Mount Battie.

View of Camden from Mount Battie.


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