Changes in 2024

In January 2019 I made a New Year's resolution that I would get outside each weekend and do something, regardless of the weather.  I started this blog to provide motivation and hold myself accountable.  

I met my goal and as each year passed continued to make a point of hiking, snowshoeing, cycling, kayaking, and camping each weekend.  I tried to explore new places and for the most part managed to do so.  As a result, I explored hundreds of new locations, something I would not have done were it not for the blog.   Most but not all of my 473 posts over the past five years were in Maine and New Hampshire, and ranged from short walks to multi-day adventures.  I hiked with friends, family, and most often by myself, building friendships and learning new skills along the way.

In 2024 I plan on getting out each weekend but blogging less, with a goal of at least two new adventures per month (rather than a weekly post).  The main reason is that I'm running out of new places to explore near my home.  To keep things interesting for myself and those reading this, I'm only going to blog about new locations unless something unique happens on a repeat hike (for example, if I see a lynx or a moose on a hike).   My goal will be to explore at least two new locations per month.

The past five years have been incredible and I am thankful to those of you that take the time to read my posts.  

- Eric


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