South Ridge Yurt, Hidden Valley Nature Center (Jefferson)

In his excellent book Microadventures, Alastair Humphreys suggests taking "5-to-9" adventures, short overnight trips after work in which you return the next morning.

This past summer I had planned on staying with the kids in one of Midcoast Conservancy's cabins at Hidden Valley Nature Center, but needed to cancel the trip, resulting in a credit for two nights.   I decided to use one of the credits for a solo overnight last night.

It was raining when I arrived but it was only a short mile hike in to the Sugar Ridge Yurt.  The yurt is more modest than the other (now closed) HVNC yurt, but was clean and dry.  It features a bunk with one relatively clean mattress, a cot, a table with four folding metal chairs and a wood stove.  The yurt has smoke and CO detectors as well.  Outside there is a fire ring, a wood shed with an ample supply of fire wood and an outhouse.  The hike in was mostly flat, with a slight hill near the yurt.  

This was a nice adventure, although it would have been far better had there not been torrential rain.   

FMI on HVNC's cabins and yurt visit