Baxter (Abol Trail, Abol Pond Trail, Abol Stream Trail, Abol Campground, Blueberry Ledges Trail)

This weekend my workplace held it's annual Mt Katahdin hike in Baxter State Park.   I've helped coordinate the event since last year, as it's a great opportunity to connect outside of work.

Like last year, my friend Chris and I arrived the day before and camped out to meet the group prior to their start up the mountain.   We took the opportunity to get a hike in, doing a 3.5 mile loop hike on the Abol Pond and Abol Stream Trails starting at the Abol Beach Day Use Area.  This was a pleasant, mostly flat trail through woods, with a few occasional amazing views of Katahdin.   We didn't see anyone else on the trail.
After seeing the Katahdin hikers off Sunday morning, we went for a short hike, doing a portion of the Blueberry Ledges Trail off of Park Tote Road.  We hiked around 1.3 miles until the trail crossed a small stream, but had to turn around due to time constraints. 
We met up with additional friends and spent the afternoon preparing dinners and snacks for the returning hikers.

In the afternoon, my friend Kelly and I hiked up the Abol Trail to deliver snacks and water to members of our group for the final leg of their hike.  One member needed additional help so we met her and another team member at the scenic viewpoint around 2.4 miles in, just before the start of the boulder field.  


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