South Bubble Mountain via the Jordan Pond Trail, Acadia National Park

Matty and I planned on a moderately strenuous hike to North and South Bubbles today in Acadia Park, but I had forgotten that Park Loop Road closes in the winter.  As such, we had to revise our plan and decided to hike to South Bubble from the Jordan Pond House.

The initial part of the hike was along a flat and well maintained gravel path running along the shore of Jordan Pond.  The trail afforded great views of the Bubbles and Penobscot Mountain.  

At approximately 1.5 miles, we came to the trail leading up South Bubble.  The trail rose steeply, and in the final section shortly before the summit required that we rock scramble a short distance.  

We descended towards the Bubbles parking along Park Loop Road before coming to a trail which led us back to the Jordan Pond trail.  Descending this way was significantly easier than had we retraced our steps.

This was a strenuous hike, due to the rock scrambling, but was worth it for the views.  Fortunately due to the recent warm temperatures there was little ice or snow; otherwise we would not have been able to make it up.  

Here is a map of our hike.  


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