Hermon Community Trail

If you read my blog regularly, you know I've made it my goal to get outside every weekend since January 2019.   

This weekend the Bangor area is facing a large snowstorm following rains on Saturday.  Fortunately, the rains didn't start until around 9 am so I was able to get a quick walk in at the Hermon Recreation Trail beforehand.  

As I walked, I reflected on my goal and how I've managed to keep the streak alive.  I've been fortunate to stay healthy and fortunate to live in an area with abundant outdoor opportunities.  

After reflecting on the streak, I began reflecting on the Hermon Trail itself.  I've visited this path often as its close to where I live.  The path itself travels through woods and has interpretitive signs explaining the trees and other features of the landscape.  Today I spotted a large group of wild turkeys and was kept company by several chickadees.  Although surrounded by development, the trail offers a chance to connect with nature - I've seen deer, woodpeckers, vultures, hawks and even the remains of a coyote along the trail.  

Its easy to dismiss a trail like this as just a walking or running trail.  There's little chance of seeing a moose and there are no amazing vistas.  However, each time I come here I find myself leaving refreshed, appreciating the chance to connect with nature in a convenient location.  


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