Connor Mill Trail and Unity College Trails

My son and I visited Unity today to hike on the Connor Mill Trail. The sign at the trailhead stated that the trail was approximately 3 miles long; however, after a short distance we discovered a stream with no bridge to cross.  The temperature was around 38° so we did not attempt to cross the stream and instead returned to the car.  We noticed a trail accessing Unity College's trails across the street from where we were parked, so we decided to explore those trails.   After a short walk through an open field we came to a wooded area, and then intersected a paved unity college path. We took this path and followed it to a parking lot where we noticed a sign saying that the University was closed due to COVID.   At this point, we elected to return to our car and call it a day.  

The Connor Mill Trail was scenic although short and there was ample evidence of wildlife in the area based on tracks. The trail runs adjacent to a stream.   


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