West Penjajawoc Grasslands (Bangor)

The West Penjajawoc Grasslands is a property managed by the Bangor Land Trust with a focus on bird watching.  My son and I visited today to walk the property and photograph birds.

According to the Bangor Land Trust's website, the mostly grassland property has mowed trails; however, at this time of the year the trails were not clearly defined and as such we essentially wandered around the field looking for birds.

There are a few strands of brush which make for excellent cover for birds, and the far end of the preserve overlooks a grassy marshland.  There is also forested land adjacent to the fields.

Here is a map of our walk.

The preserve lacked clearly delineated trails this time of year.
My son photographing birds over the wetlands.

Wetlands at the far end of the trail.
Patches of brush provide cover for birds.


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