Walden Pond (Massachusetts)

Henry David Thoreau lived at Walden Pond in a one-room cabin for two years from 1845 to 1847. He subsequently wrote about the experience in his book Walden.

Walden State Park Reservation in Concord, Massachusetts contains the site of Thoreau's cabin as well as a replica of the cabin and a visitor center with exhibits about his life.  The park also features hiking trails and a beach.

My son had a school event at Six Flags so I stopped at Walden Pond on the way down.  It was a good opportunity to stretch my legs, take a break, and quietly contemplate Thoreau's experience.  (In case you were wondering, yes, visiting Six Flags after quietly contemplating Thoreau was jarring.)

The area around the park has obviously developed extensively since Thoreau's time so it isn't quite the same experience.  The park has also placed fencing along the trails to prevent damage from off-trail use.  The park appears to get heavy use from local hikers, walkers, swimmers (there were at least four people swimming in the open water section of the lake) and beach goers.

Admission was $15 ($8 for Massachusetts residents) for a one day visit so I regret I didn't have more time to spend there.

Here is the trail map from my visit.  There is a much more extensive trail system but due to time constraints I was only able to visit the cabin site.

The park features forested trails.
In addition to this sign, there were also a number of signs discussing Thoreau's life.  I'm not sure if Thoreau himself would have approved.

This is a replica of Thoreau's cabin.  It reminds me of the tiny house movement as well as some camping cabins I've seen.  


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