Quechee Gorge (Vermont)

Quechee Gorge is known as Vermont's Grand Canyon.   At 165 feet deep, it is Vermont's deepest gorge.  There are trails on both sides of the river and a bridge spanning the gorge which offers stunning views down the entire length.   

My son and I are taking a trip to visit a college in Vermont.  On our way, we visited Quechee Gorge and hiked the 1.4 miles on the trails on the east side of the gorge.  The trails were wide and well worn with views of the gorge and the dam at Dewey's Pond.  The trails are fenced along the length of the entire trail to prevent people from climbing into the gorge.

Here is a partial trail map (operator error, sorry!)

View of the top of the gorge, from the dam

View mid-gorge

Bottom of the gorge

The trails were wide and well worn


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