Green Mountain National Forest (Vermont)

At approximately 400000 acres, the Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) occupies a large portion of Vermont and offers hiking trails, sightseeing, winter recreation and other activities.

After visiting a college in the area, we took three short walks off of the Middlebury Gap section and the east side of the GMNF north of Rt 125. 

First, we stopped briefly at the Robert Frost Interpretive Trail.  This is a flat, easy trail with plaques placed at various points along it featuring poems by Robert Frost.  We hiked a portion of the trail and enjoyed reflecting on Frost's poems in a natural environment (trail map here). 

Our next stop was Texas Falls, also off of Route 125 in Middlebury Gap.  Texas Falls has observation platforms and a bridge from which you can view a series of falls.  Here is the trail map

Texas Falls
Texas Falls, further downstream

These butterflies were grouping together on the trail

Trail on far side of the stream

Our final stop was Moss Glen Falls, which was a short easy walk off Route 100 in Granville (there is also apparently a Moss Glen Falls up by Stowe).  This is a very scenic waterfall that takes little effort to get to.  (Here is the trail map).