Peaks Kenney State Park

Peaks Kenney State Park is located on Sebec Lake north of Dover Foxcroft.  During the summer it offers camping, hiking and lakeside recreation.  In the winter, the road leading into the park is closed, adding at least an additional 2 miles of round trip travel to the closest trail (Browns Point Trail).

There are two main trail systems in the park - Browns Point Trail (3.4 miles round trip) and the Birch Mountain Lodge Trail (2.3 mile loop trail).   

It was 45 degrees and sunny today.  I had planned on hiking the Browns Point Trail but had forgotten my snowshoes.  As soon as I ventured off the hard packed snow on the main road, I sunk down to my knees.  I elected instead to hike on the main road and the campground road and just enjoy being outside.  At around 2 miles in, the hard packed snow had started to melt enough so that I was consistently breaking through and getting stuck up to my waist, so at that point I turned around.  With snowshoes, this would have been much more enjoyable.

A few teenagers on snowmobiles drove past during the hike, and I also saw two couples with dogs.  Otherwise it was a peaceful enjoyable hike. 

Here is the trail map.


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