Maps, Apps and Websites

There are a handful of useful apps and websites that I use.  These include:

1) Earthmate - From Garmin, this app is used to pair with InReach devices and allows you to use your cell phone to send and receive messages using the InReach.  It also provides topographic maps, weather, a compass, and other functionality with the InReach.

Messaging in Earthmate App
Mapping in Earthmate with Tracking On

2) Google MyTracks - Sadly, Google discontinued this great app which allows you to record your movements and then export them as KML files to use in Google MyMaps and Google Earth.  If you downloaded the app prior to its discontinuation date, it will still show up in the Play Store and can still be used.  I use this app, along with a Garmin eTrex 10, to make the trail maps that I include with my hiking posts.  In addition to mapping your hikes, it can also provide useful stats.

3) Google MyMaps - This app and website allows you to create maps from KML and GPX files and is what I use to make maps of my hikes.

4) AllTrails - This app, website and service allows you to find trails and download maps to your phone for off-line use.  The premium version also allows you to print paper maps from a computer.  Users provide photos and reviews of trails which provides useful information when trip planning.

5)  Maine Trail Finder - This is a great website which provides maps and trail reviews.

6)  GPS Waypoint Navigator -  This is the premium version of another app, Polaris GPS.  This app includes a compass, mapping, waypoints, sunrise and sunset times.  It also allows you to text or email your location to others along with links using Google maps.

7)  Chimani Acadia and Baxter apps - Chimani makes apps for several parks including Acadia and Baxter.  The apps have downloadable maps for off-line use and have useful information about each park.

8)  Go Paddling - This is a great app to find kayaking opportunities.  It includes a searchable map and user reviews of each location.