Kenduskeag Stream and a Falcon in Bangor

With rain in the weekend's forecast, I decided to take a hike after work today along the Kenduskeag Stream Trail starting in downtown Bangor.  I hiked up under the I-95 overpass and then back down to where the stream enters into the Penobscot River. 

The Kenduskeag Stream Trail runs through Bangor and provides an opportunity to interact with nature without having to travel far.  It offers nice views of the stream, which this time of year is swollen from the melting snow.  The trail today was muddy in parts and slushy in other parts but it was still a chance to get outside. 

Returning to where I parked, I happened across a peregrine falcon enjoying its dinner in the parking lot of the district court building in downtown Bangor. 

Here is the trail map.

There are still large chunks of ice in the stream.

Peregrine falcon enjoying its dinner. 

Same as above but cropped. 


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