Fishing Souadabscook Stream (Carmel)

There's a reason my blog is titled and not  I enjoy fishing, especially on days when I'm sore or just want to relax, but it usually serves as a manly way to bird-watch as cast after cast go unanswered.  

I was on track for the same results today after trying what I thought were two good fishing spots in Carmel.  After not so much as a nibble, I went for a short walk on a trail at the community park in Carmel on the way home.  After returning to my car from the walk, I decided to try fishing from the same parking lot.  

I caught two fish in a matter of minutes, each around 10-11 inches long.  I'm pretty sure that the fish were sucker fish, which are considered bait fish by Maine IFW.   Despite being bait fish, they were exciting to catch.  


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