Acadia National Park (Eagles Crag, Quarry Trail, Attempts at Fishing, Blackwoods Campground)

I spent the weekend camping at Blackwoods Campground in Acadia, hiking, and attempting to catch fish.

I arrived Friday night after work and set up camp.  In my opinion, Blackwoods is the better of the two National Park campgrounds on Mount Desert Island, as the sites are more spread out than at Seawall Campground.  Unfortunately, because I made reservations at the last minute, I had a different campsite each night, requiring that I break camp and then re-set up camp again later in the day.  Overall it was a minor inconvenience.

On Saturday morning I woke early and hiked in the dark up to Eagles Crag on the southern face of Cadillac Mountain to watch the sunrise.  I encountered only one other group of hikers, a group of four that were also staying at Blackwoods that also hiked up to see the sunrise.  

After packing up my campsite, I set out to fish some of the lakes within the park.  I tried Upper Hadlock Pond, Bubble Pond, and Eagle Lake, but despite multiple lures at multiple locations, I didn't catch anything.  It was still a nice way to spend the middle of the day and I added three more miles of hiking in the process.  

Upper Hadlock Pond Trail

My final hike of the day was the Quarry Trail, which leads from Blackwoods Campground to Otter Cove.  This was a well maintained, relatively easy trail, being mostly flat until it descends to Otter Cove near its end.  

Here is a map of my non-fishing hikes on Saturday. 

On Sunday I visited Eagle Lake to fish one more time before heading out.  Still no success but it was a beautiful morning.