Overlook Trail, Kiski Lot (Dedham)

This morning I hiked the Overlook Trail in the Kiski Lot, a property jointly owned by the Lucerne-in-Maine Village Corporation and the Town of Dedham.   

The property is popular with, and maintained for, mountain bikers, and the Overlook Trail reflects this with banked turns and frequent switchbacks.  

The trail starts as a gravel road.  At 0.3 miles, it branches left at a fork.  The Overlook Trail branches off after another 1/4 mile.   

The total distance from the parking lot to the overlook is approximately 1.25 miles.  The overlook provides views of Bald Mountain and Phillips Lake to the west.

From the overlook, I continued on the Boundary and Downhill Trails, which form an one mile forested loop along the side of Big Hill.  

The total distance of my hike was 3.5 miles.


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