Schooner Head Overlook, Sand Beach and Thunder Hole, Acadia National Park

Matty and I did a quick photography trip to Acadia today, visiting a few quick areas off one of the two areas of Park Loop Road that is open in the winter, the area between Schooner Head Overlook and Great Head.  Despite temperatures approaching 60 degrees, there were not that many people visiting this area, allowing us the opportunity to enjoy a part of the park that is usually overrun with visitors in the summertime. 

Our first stop was the Schooner Head Overlook.  A short 1/2 mile paved and gravel path leads to dramatic views of the shoreline, including a sea cave, some interesting rock formations, and a prominent house overlooking the ocean.  

Our next stop was Sand Beach. The sand beach is surrounded by dramatic shoreline on both sides, and the absence of visitors made it that much more beautiful.  

Our final destination of our short trip was Thunder Hole and again had the spot to ourselves.  The dramatic sound of the waves crashing was amplified by the lack of human noise.  


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