Biking Walden Parke, Bangor City Forest, Caribou Bog and the Veazie Railbed

My younger son and I biked a number of contiguous preserves in Bangor, Orono and Old Town today, including the Walden Parke Preserve, Bangor City Forest, Caribou Bog and the Veazie Railbed.  

We started our trip at Walden Parke.  We took the north fork of the blue marked loop trail, which was moderately difficult due to rocks and leaves on the trail hiding rocks.  The trail lead us to the Veazie Railbed, which we took briefly until entering Bangor City Forest.  

After a quick loop around the Forest, we headed back out to the Railbed and rode down to Caribou Bog.  We continued along the Railbed until we saw signs for Kirkland Road.  We followed that trail (which equaled Walden Parke in difficulty) until reaching Kirkland Road, and then turned around and retraced our steps.  

We departed the Railbed and headed back into Walden Parke on the southern portion of the loop trail, which was significantly easier than the north fork.  

Our total ride was a little over 14 miles and proved to be an excellent way to spend a warm Saturday in October.  Here is a map of our ride.





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