Kayak Camping, Spectacle Island Preserve (Jefferson)

The Spectacle Island Preserve consists of two small islands in Damariscotta Lake that are owned by the Midcoast Conservancy.  The Conservancy maintains a campsite on each island and for a mere $20/night ($12 for members) both islands can be rented overnight.  The islands offer opportunities for swimming, blueberry picking, exploration and relaxation.  

My younger son and I camped Friday night at the islands.  We arrived late morning and parked at Boat Launch Lane in Jefferson, then kayaked 1/2 mile out to the islands.  

When we first arrived, there were people on the further island so we set up camp on the north island.   The north island has a rope swing and as such appears to get more visitation.  The next time we visit we will camp on the south island instead.  

The island and lake are very scenic and quiet and we noticed very few bugs during our stay.  Swimming was the highlight of the trip.  


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