Essex Woods (Bangor)

I visited Essex Woods in Bangor today and hiked the Loop, Molly Lane and Jennifer Lane Trails.   Essex Woods consists of approximately 70 acres of forest and wetlands and includes a sledding hill and dog park.  The area is popular for hiking, sledding and mountain biking. 

The park lacks a remote feel due to its proximity to I-95 but offers a convenient place to hike within the city. 

I visited today to see if it was possible to hike from Essex Woods to Bangor City Forest along the old Veazie railroad bed, but there is private property separating the two parks and no trespass signs posted. 

Here is a map of my hike. 

The old Veazie Railroad bed, now the Molly Lane Trail

View of the sledding hill across the marsh, adjacent to I-95

The Jennifer Lane trail runs adjacent to I-95
Sledding hill from the top
Loop Trail


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