Snowshoeing Kennard Road Trail (Newburgh)

Kennard Road Trail is a 1.1 mile forested trail owned by the town of Newburgh and managed by the Landmark Heritage Trust.  

With the holidays coming up I had a busy weekend so I visited this trail as it's very close to my house.  The trailhead is approximately one mile up Kennard Road from Western Avenue and is marked by a small sign.  There was a small pull-off that fits one vehicle.

The trail itself is wide and well-marked with aqua-marine blazes.  There was a set of cross-country ski tracks that someone had made in the snow. 

New fallen snow gave the preserve a beautiful and quiet feel, and despite its proximity to other homes and Route 202, it had a remote feel to it.  At the rear of the preserve is an open field from which Newburgh's Peaked Mountain is visible. 

Here is a map of my hike.