Hawaii 2 (Liberty, Maine)

Where:  Hawaii 2, an island located in St. George Lake.

What:  Hawaii 2 is a 6 acre island owned by Hawaii 2, LLC and open to the public.  The island is accessible by boat.  For more information about Hawaii 2 including its controversial history, see it's website or it's Wikipedia page.

Trails:  I wasn't able to find any trail maps of the island on the Internet.  When we arrived at the island, we observed some unmarked trails.  Here is a trail map of our trip, which also includes the kayak trip out there from Lake St. George State Park.

Tick Index:  Likely moderate due to vegetation on trails, although we didn't encounter any ticks.


We decided to explore Hawaii 2 after seeing it on Google maps and researching its history.  The island itself was a short kayak trip from the boat ramp at Lake St. George State Park.  When we arrived we noticed two tents, a kayak and an inflatable float toy located on the island, along with a smoldering camp fire, although we didn't see any people.  We took a brief walk on the island to get a feel for it's trail system, but didn't want to venture too far from our kayak.

The island itself is wooded, although there are some clearings where one could camp.  The trails we walked on were well worn.  There were others that were more overgrown.  There appear to be two primary points of entry onto the island, both on the south end of the island.  There are no facilities on the island.

The water around the island gets deep fairly quickly.  We went for a swim off the north side of the island.

Landing point on south end of the island
The island from a distance

Sign welcoming visitors
Area leading from the south end of the island to the middle. 
View of our kayak while we are swimming

Northern tip of the island