Bangor & Aroostook Trail s/o Washburn

Where:  The Bangor & Aroostook Trail (BAT) runs from Van Buren to Mapleton, Maine.

What:  This is a 62 mile long multiuse trail.  Today I covered roughly 2.5 miles of it (5 miles roundtrip).

Bear Index:  High.


Wanting to take advantage of my limited time in the Presque Isle area, I walked after work today on the BAT south of Washburn.  There was a small parking lot near the trail.  Here is a trail map of my walk.

I was initially somewhat disappointed as the trail started out next to some new construction.  However, after around 3/4 of a mile, it began becoming more secluded.  During the entire time I was on the trail, I saw only one other person (they rode past on an ATV). 

The trail passed farms and woodlands.  The highlight of the walk was when a black bear ambled onto the trail around 200 yards ahead of me.  It started walking in my direction but when it noticed me yelling and waving my arms it scampered off into the woods.