Acadia National Park - Jesup Path, Stratheden Path, and Hemlock Trail

I went hiking today in Acadia with Lulah the Dog, covering three trails which I hadn't hiked before and enjoying the sunny 55 degree morning.  

We started out at the Sieur de Monts parking lot and took the Jesup Path to Park Loop Road (Park Loop Road opens tomorrow to vehicle traffic for the season).   The Jesup Path is flat, and the first portion is a lengthy wooden boardwalk over a wetland.  

We turned left when we reached Park Loop Road and walked a short distance to the Stratheden Path, a beautiful and well-maintained trail which leads back through the forest towards Sieur de Monts along the base of Kebo Mountain.  

We decided (OK, I decided, since Lulah's a dog, but she seemed agreeable) to ascend Hemlock Trail, which ascends up stairs and then rock until reaching the saddle between Dorr and Kebo Mountains.  We continued along Hemlock Trail past a small pond to a stream near the Gorge Path.  We turned around to spare Lulah the stream crossing and headed back down to the Stratheden Trail and then back to the parking lot.  

This was a beautiful hike during which we encountered very few people.  Here is a map of our hike. 


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