Mt Waldo and Review of HikerAlert

We hiked Mt Waldo again today. Since I blogged about Mt Waldo three weeks ago I'd like to use this week's blog to discuss HikerAlert, an inexpensive online service which can help guide rescuers in an emergency.

HikerAlert puts a new spin on an old idea - always tell someone where you are going. For $9 a year HikerAlert will notify your friends and family should you not check-in at your planned time, and can provide extensive details about your trip plans to help rescuers locate you.

I bring an InReach and cell phone with me on every hike, so you might wonder why I also use HikerAlert. It's simple: if I fall and become unconscious, my InReach and phone are of no use to me. HikerAlert adds an inexpensive layer of redundancy.

Using HikerAlert is straightforward. Once you create an account, you enter details about yourself (as much as you want to provide), the trail you are going to take, and details about your specific trip such as start and end times, trailheads, gear and other details. You select which friends and family you would like to notify in the event you don't check-in, and submit the trip. You have the option of letting your contacts know ahead of time that you are going on the trip.

When you are finished hiking (or whatever activity you are doing) you check back in using a computer or cell phone. If you have poor cell service and can get a signal but no data, HikerAlert will text you and give you the option of checking in via SMS text message. Should you fail to check-in, HikerAlert will notify your contacts.

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